Regular Porta Potty

Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and making every event a success. In this piece, we’ll discuss the many varieties of conventional porta potties and why you should rent one for your next event.

Regular Porta Potty Varieties

Standard Porta Potty – This is the most common form of porta potty and is appropriate for the majority of events. It has everything you need, including a toilet seat, a holding tank, and a hand sanitizer dispenser.
Deluxe Porta Potty – This is an upgrade from the ordinary porta potty and includes extras like a sink with running water, a mirror, and a soap dispenser. It’s a wonderful solution for events when attendees must frequently wash their hands.
Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty – This style of porta potty is intended for those who use wheelchairs. It includes a larger entrance and internal area to accommodate a wheelchair, as well as handrails for safety.
Porta toilet with a Baby Changing Station – This style of porta toilet has a baby changing station and is a good choice for events where families with infants will be present.

Regular Porta Potty Features

A standard porta potty is a self-contained device that includes all of the amenities required to give a clean and comfortable toilet experience. A standard porta toilet has the following features:

  • A toilet seat as well as a holding tank
  • A lockable door for further seclusion.
  • A fresh air ventilation system A hand sanitizer dispenser for hygiene
  • A non-slip floor to prevent slips and falls.
  • A coat hook for securing personal items

The Advantages of Renting a Porta Potty

Renting a porta toilet has numerous advantages that make it a great alternative for a variety of events. The following are some of the benefits of renting a porta potty:

  • Convenience: Having a porta potty on-site eliminates the need for people to leave the event to find a restroom, which is especially significant if the event is in a rural location.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers in porta potties encourage good hygiene and aid in the prevention of germ transmission.
  • Renting a porta potty is frequently less expensive than establishing a permanent restroom, making it a great alternative for short-term gatherings.
  • Porta potties may be placed practically anywhere, making them an excellent alternative for outdoor events or occasions where there are no adjacent facilities.
  • Porta potties consume less water than typical restrooms, making them a more environmentally friendly option for events.

Dimensions that are possible

The size of our ordinary porta potties varies based on the style of porta potty you select. Here are some of the measurements of our standard porta potties:

Porta Potty Dimensions: 4′ wide x 4′ deep x 7′ high
4′ wide x 4′ deep x 8′ high Deluxe Porta Potty
Wheelchair Friendly 6′ wide x 7′ deep x 8′ high porta potty
Porta Potty Baby Changing Station: 4′ wide x 4′ deep x 8′ high

When Should You Rent a Porta Potty

There are numerous events that can benefit from renting a porta toilet. Here are a few examples:

  • Weddings in the open air
  • Fairs and festivals
  • Sporting and musical events
  • Sites of construction
  • Campgrounds and RV parks
  • Corporate gatherings
  • Limited Restroom Facilities at Events

Renting a porta-potty can be a reasonable alternative if your event is in an area with limited restroom facilities. If you’re throwing an outdoor wedding in a rural location, for example, a porta potty can provide guests with a comfortable restroom alternative without requiring them to drive far.

If you’re holding a major event with a lot of people, it’s critical to have enough restrooms to minimize long lineups and overcrowding. Renting a porta potty can help ensure that there are enough facilities to serve all people, reducing discomfort and discontent.


Finally, a standard porta potty is a self-contained unit that includes all of the characteristics required to provide a clean and comfortable restroom experience. There are numerous advantages to renting a porta toilet, including convenience, hygiene, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and environmental sustainability.

To satisfy the needs of diverse events, our Pembroke Pines porta potty provides numerous types and dimensions of conventional porta potties. Renting a porta-potty can be a sensible and quick alternative if you’re having an event that requires portable restrooms, has limited restroom facilities, or has a high number of people. Contact us today to learn more about our portable toilet rental services and to receive a quote for your next event.